Be a real winner

Have you ever felt “jealous” with a person’s success? A chance we see on television or other media showing a young age which has enjoyed a remarkable achievement. Or in the reunion, we were stunned by the “incredible success” of playmate while in the highs school.  Moreover, the high school friend at the time was have personal rustic, no slang, and not as famous or as smart as we are. It caused emerge feeling devastated and the chest was going tightness. It was nature, because we are in the situation as a “loser”. Another case in a small scope, in our neighborhood for example, that social position parameters was shown by financial strength, we get the highest caste in our neighborhood that will bring us a incredible sense of pride in our chest for achieving of we were. We feel ‘bounce’ to the sky when we were in the situation of ‘winners’; as well as if we were in the circumstances of ‘losers’ we feel ground like a bird lose the wings. It’s very easy to distinguish.

If we always in the situation of ‘loser’ in the journey of life, taste bitter barrage could be replaced with a sense of decline, pessimistic, even if not careful can become entrenched apathy and indifferent to the situation around. In the “difficult” situation, both moral and material conditions, we also boost by external factor. The gap is go wide, acute consumer culture, lack of solidarity and immoral successive were shown by the media, we would not want to be involved in it but there’s a fact! We force to involve in it. We must be ready to face and be prepared also the consequences within.

It will be terrible experience if we in the “loser”.  Feeling of sour was dominated.  Faced with this situation, we need tremendous effort to reach ‘feel to win’ come back to us. How we can lift our chin and remain feeling as excited winner. The question is, should we feel slumped continuously and wait until the situation better?  Just wait? Are you hold this “loser” feeling and crushing you into the deepest of sorrow?  We do not think so, right? Maintaining or keeping feeling of “loser” like this will certainly affect our performance and will affect our “fighting spirit” that needed by us to face and compete in this cruel of life. We are led by the vicious circle and getting lost and more sink in the “loser” world!

Sometimes the feeling oh loser can not be hiding by being arrogant to cover our lack of capability or even our sour! We all know that the excited winner was positive, but we are not easy to win it without any effort. So, get back and rise up!

A real winner is also considering being defeat.

A winner must be prepared to lose and being defeat. In a sense, ready to consider at some point will lose. Do not succumb to the victory. For example we often trapped in the family stereotype that the eldest child is the hope of the family, always be ‘won’ by the parents and a rare chance to face failure whether in education, organizational and other aspects of life. The situation is constantly making the eldest child being the winner. It will cause they’re not familiar being defeat or loser. As a result come into existence of undefeated personal, and did not ready being loser!  They always force to be winner whatever the rules and consequences, they “do not want to lose or give in”. Yes it was, they try to make no mistake, and become a winner and often win, but they did not have a “mindset” the real winner, as they were not prepared to lose. People like this even “justify” by any means in order to maintain the position of the winner. Become nonsense to achieve victory, the most obvious example of this is personal as a corrupt person! As early opening of this paper, because they felt lose, they have a burning passion to do anything and inconsequential to simply get a word “wow” from our friends. What the benefit that we can get if it comes from things that are not true? Moot!

People who obsessively trying to win simply to get the award, avoid embarrassment, usually can not regulate energy, so in a situation they was not prepared to lose even show and terrible anger. Consider our friends in the office. Definitely one of our friends was always successful in his work, all tasks completed well, and they always been a priority of our boss. But one day they were in a state of distress because of dynamic of work and peer competitor. Some of them were explosively in expressing it. And what are the impressions that will get from others or us?  We will impress to that person not as a winner but loser instead! We need to realize that winning attitude does not always be winner, but we need to keep the “mindset” being winner in any situation.

Winning is included actual show commitment, greatness of spirit and respect for the rules, systems and procedures that have been made. If we commit to all the consequences that need to be covered, we can go into a situation with a positive sensation and memory, so the impact of positive emotions was transformed into positive energy. This is the mindset the real winner.

Intend Right, Moves, Acting

Basically it’s like a normal human being to do things right and good, not because it is commanded, but it is natural to have this attitude. Even how evil of the persons, someday they would be “back”. This reality is actually quite the basis of all our conviction to always feel strong, true and good, regardless of whether we are facing a situation favorable or unfavorable. Often we declared intention to change and be true in life. However, declared is not enough.  Must be connected with a commitment to try, change, action, change our habit and build to be success. To win or has a spirit of winner, we have to move, to act, and the “get into” the field, not a spectator only.

Maintaining the spirit of Winners

Attain in family environment, positive words of encouragement becomes a habit. “Let’s get smart, you sure can” Or hear the words of support from our spouses when we are entering the area of “losers”. The first may feel excessive when we receive the words of encouragement. But positive words eventually arises positive emotions and spirit as well pass it on to others. Consciously or unconsciously the positive words can be very “powerful” to rouse mindset of winner, therefore need to be selected carefully. Avoid words that make the spirit drop instead.

Besides, it is necessary to maintain the spirit of a winner is to practice under pressure. By always facing the higher level difficulty of our jobs, fighting for a higher position, or dare “migrated” from current conditions that are deemed not to our liking, can maintain, reinforce, strengthen and make us confidence to face an difficulties. Just do not ever give by any situation and condition.  And always be grateful and proud of our achievements, will reduce a little passion into a nonsensical winner! Be a real winner.

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